Temporary Closure of Okeford Road, Hanford

Okeford Road, Hanford



An application has been received from Openreach to close Okeford Road, Hanford from the junction with A350 to

outside Keepers Cottage, Hanford (in both directions), a distance of approximately 460 metres. The closure has

been requested to allow Openreach to carry out poletests. These works are programmed to commence from

09:30, 3rd July 2021 until 15:30, 3rd July 2021.

Openreach will publicise the road closure in a number of ways: they will place information boards on the road in

this area to inform the travelling public of the works; they will carry out a letter drop to local residents directly

affected by the works; and they will sign a vehicular diversion route using the local road network. The

following map shows the extent of the closure and the diversion route.

This document is for information only, however if you have any concerns about this proposal, please contact Tom

Faulkner, (trafficteam@dorsetcouncil.gov.uk) by 10th June 2021.

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