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This new section to the website has been set up to be the home for any communications where you can give us your views and opinions of matters that effect Shillingstone.

Here you will find links and information to any of our surveys, plus it will keep you all informed as to the results and feedback from them.

Your Feedback Matters!
Your Feedback Matters!

Recent Surveys

"Your Village Needs You"
"Your Village Needs You"

25th May 2021 - Traffic Survey

The Parish Council Needs You!

We would like to hear your views about the impact of traffic on our community and what measures you feel might contribute to making our village a better and SAFER place to live.

The survey typically takes just over 10 minutes to complete, and will give us a much better understanding about the village, and how you feel on topics such as parking, speeding vehicle, road signage etc. as well as providing us with your preferences on the traffic control initiatives that have been used to improve the relationship villages have with road users. This is your opportunity to have your say in our highways strategy and what you would like to see it become.

We are mindful of the diverse preferences in how our community and how people would like to participate in this type of activity, and as we live in times of restrictions imposed by the pandemic we have to find safe as well as convenient ways to interact with you all, therefore we are providing multiple ways for you to be able to participate in the survey.


Click on the link below using your desktop or mobile device: It's quick, no fuss and ECO Friendly too!

Take the Survey


Prefer to fill in a paper version of the survey? No problem - below is a list of ways to obtain the paper version, and once you're done we'll even come and pick it up from you!

  • Pick up a copy from the Co-op, the Garage or the Primary School
  • Call Rachel McNamara or Ian Suter and we can arrange for someone to drop one off
  • Print off the PDF version - we can either e-mail you a copy or you can download it by clicking on the button below

Download Survey

Once you have completed your survey, give Rachel (863656) or Ian (860605) a call to arrange collection.   

The survey will close on the 30th June 2021, and please be assured that your personal data will NOT be collected and the results will be for our use only.

Rachel McNamara, Chairman of the Parish Council