The Jubilee Cup

The Jubilee Cup is Shillingstone’s community award, presented annually to recognise the achievements of people who regularly volunteer and selflessly work to improve and enhance the lives of others in our village.

If you know of a worthy individual, be they someone in voluntary service, maybe they represent a village organisation, the Church, a charity worker, a teacher or assistant, a caregiver, a council worker, postal worker, shop worker, etc. then why not put their name forward for much deserved recognition by our community?

An award has been presented annually by the Parish Council since 1978 to recognise the contribution made by member(s) of the community to village life, and was initially named the 'Baldock Cup', however in 2001 the decision was made to rename it to the 'Jubilee' cup.

To be eligible to win the cup you must be:

  1. A resident of Shillingstone
  2. Not have won the cup in the proceeding 5 years
  3. Must be nominated by a resident of Shillingstone who is aged over 16 years
  4. Nominations must be received seven days prior to when the vote is taken

In previous years the election has taken place during the annual AGM, but should you be unable to attend the meeting you can still register your preference by e-mail or via a postal vote to the Parish Clerk.

We are also investigating alternative methods to safely allow villagers to cast their votes in future ballots.

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Shillingstone Jubilee Cup 2021

Unfortunately, the awards had to be cancelled in 2020, and again in April this year due to the pandemic, however with so many stories of kindness emanating from the village the Parish Council felt compelled to not let such actions of kindness during lockdown go unrecognised. We have therefore made adjustments to streamline the Jubilee Cup election process on this occasion to ensure we are able to make this presentation before the year is out.

We are merging nomination and voting into a single process. i.e. your nomination will also be your vote, and the timespan for good deeds has been altered very slightly to encompass the numerous lockdowns we experienced.

To be eligible, nominations must be based on the criteria below:

  1. They must be a resident of Shillingstone
  2. Not have won the cup over proceeding 5 years
  3. As nominees, you also need to be residents of Shillingstone, aged 16 years or over
  4. For actions undertaken during the height of the pandemic during lockdown, specifically between 01/04/2020 to 30/04/2021
  5. Nominations need to be received before midnight on Sunday 5th December 2021
  6. A proposer can only nominate once. i.e. one person one vote! Any suspected duplicates will all be removed from the count.
  7. Please set out the main reasons why you think the nominee deserves the award, i.e. voluntary action/contribution to our village community

N.B. It is important that you give as much detail as possible about what your nominee has achieved in order to make them stand out.

All eligible nominations will be put forward together with the number of nominations received for any given nominee to identify the winner of the award.

How to make your nominations for 2021

You can make your nomination/vote by one of methods below:

  1. Fill in the nomination slip circulated on the leaflet included in the December 2021 edition of the Shillingstone Parish Magazine and deposit in the ballot box located at the Shillingstone Garage.
    You can download and print-off additional slips by clicking the link below...
  2. Download Ballot Paper

  3. Via E-Mail by clicking the link below - make sure to include both the nominee's and your name, address & contact details as well as the clear explanation as to why you believe they deserve the award 
  4. E-Mail Jubilee Cup Nomination

  5. Fill in the embedded form below to submit your nomination electronically - please submit only one vote per person! 

All personal data entered through your responses will only be used to verify that both the nominee and the proposer (you) are residents of Shillingstone Village. All data collected as part of this election will be held securely until the winner has been announced, whereupon it will be deleted.